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The Ins and Outs of Builders Risk Insurance
By Anthony Bevilacqua

Builders and contractors purchase many types of insurance coverage. One of the most significant ones is builders risk insurance. This form of insurance protects a structure in the course of construction from physical damage—fire, vandalism, collapse, theft of materials—and many other forms of damage.

There is no standardized builders risk policy as there might be with other forms of business insurance. Every company that offers the coverage offers it using their own policy form. Needless the say, variations in coverage can result that must be carefully evaluated.

Here are some tips to assure your policy form provides the best level of protection possible.

These are just a few of the many, many elements to consider when crafting a comprehensive builders risk policy. Size of the project does not matter. Your professional construction risk manager should be able to guide you through the builders risk maze.

Anthony Bevilacqua, CPCU is President of Anthony & Company, an independent insurance agency with special insurance and risk management services tailored to the needs of the commercial and residential development community. You can reach Mr. Bevilacqua at (908) 806-8844 or email him at

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